Wednesday, 11 January 2012

From Kathmandu to Clonakilty: just-one Artist's Day

While we were at the Clonakilty market we visited an exhibition of paintings called Shades of Kathmandu.  We met Declan who runs the just-one project which helps disadvantaged children in Nepal.  Declan showed us the paintings and explained that they were painted by artists working with children from the project.  Mum bought a painting of a boy called Kishor by Mr. Abbishek Das, who studied art at Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu.

Declan Murphy and me with the painting of Kishor
The project brought artists and children together for a special day of painting.  Here are some of them together...

....and here is Mr. Das actually painting Kishor...

Declan visited us to drop the painting off and told us how hard it can be for street children to live in Nepal.    Declan says on his blog about the Shades of Kathmandu exhibition that
"the collection of over 30 beautiful paintings is a ‘life-changing’ event.  Not because the lucky buyers of any of these unique works of art will experience untold improvements in virtually all aspects of their personal lives (although they probably will… ;o), but rather to simply highlight the fact that... the proceeds it raises will go directly to supporting just-one’s life changing work in Nepal with some truly inspirational children who deserve so much more than the crappy hand they’ve been dealt in life".
Declan explained that children as young as six or seven are homeless on the streets of Kathmandu, a city of over a million people.  Just-one has been running for seven years and is now helping 86 hildren to go to school.  Here is a film about the project and an interview with Kishor

Kishor was homeless before he joined the just-one project.  Now he is 15 years old and gets an education.  Here he is..

.......and here is the painting of him. 

and here is a shop in Kathmandu.

Just-one is funded by donations from Ireland and other countries.  You can help now and read more about the project by visiting their website.