Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Kittens Arrive Home

We brought two kittens home from our neighbour's house today.  They were from a litter of five kittens - we took two toms and called them Felix and Scout.  We followed advice and cut a hole in a supermarket box to make a home, and I put an old jumper that smelled of me into the box to make a bed, so they would feel safe and comfortable and be used to me. 


Originally we were going to have just one cat, but we read that cat's like company and like to get exercise by playing games with each other.  

We also bought a kittten kit from somebody who lived near us who was moving house and didn't need it anymore. It included  a scratcher and some mice to play with.

My sister made this film of the cats with a commentary a bit like David Attenborough.  More like David Cattenborough.

Here are both cats playing together.

Scout and Felix playing