Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Crabbing at Rosscarbery

I went crabbing yesterday with some friends.  We put bacon onto hooks and hung them over the side of the pier by the sea. The water was shallow and the biggest crabs were missing.  At first some shrimps nibbled at the bacon, pulling it about.

  Then some very smalll crabs made their way towards the shrimps, and came for the bacon too.

Some of the crabs fought each other for a place near the bacon. Quite soon a few bigger crabs bcame out of the seaweed to nibble at the hook.  Here is one walking sideways.

And here is one feeding.  You can see its mouth parts. It was more interested in the bacon than in us.

Then we were able to start pulling them up to loook at them. They hid in the grass and eventually we let them go.

Some of them were still able to feed on the shore. Here's one now.

A last few photos of the green crab.  These are shore crabs. Here is some information. They are a small, non-aggressive Crab, but the males do have large claws which can inflict a nasty nip and so should still be handled with care.  They wander around scavenging on uneaten scraps of food, helping to keep the sand and water clean.  Like all crustaceans, Shore Crabs grow by moulting (casting their shell).

And this one which was red.