Sunday, 21 August 2011

A walk on Cape Clear with Chuck Kruger followed by Goats Milk Ice Cream

We joined a party of Friends for a trip to Cape Clear. The ferry left from Baltimore and took about 45 minutes, passing Sherkin Island on the way.  It came into Cape Clear Island at the North Pier.

On the Island we saw a beetle crossing the road. Here is a video of it moving along towards some dung.

We saw a strange bird which had starred plumage but a grey-brown head.  The Island's bird expert, from the bird sanctuary, agreed with me that from the description it could be a young starling.  I checked and the RSPB website says "first winter Starlings look most peculiar and give rise to many queries about strange birds in people's gardens - they are typically grey-brown on the head and back but blackish with white spots below".

We went on a walking tour of the island with Chuck Kruger. Chuck has written books about Cape Clear and you can read about some of them here. We walked to the end of the island to see the marriage stones.   The stones are over 5 thousand years old, and Chuck showed how they were probably part of a circle when they were first put up.

They are called the marriage stones because people join hands through the hole in the female stone when they want to get married.  We set off back across the island, calling at the museum on the way and finishing off with a visit to the goat farm where we had goat's milk ice-cream.  I had strawberry flavour and my dad had chocolate.  Here is the mother goat looking after her kid.

As we walked back across the island we saw the Schull Ferry coming towards it.

The boat took us back out of the harbour and we were able to see cormorants and gulls sitting on the rocks and diving for fish in the sea.