Friday, 22 July 2011

Artist Eolai visits us on his painting tour of Ireland by bicycle

Nature artist Eolai came to stay for a night during his bicycle tour of Ireland.  He has a special bike with an extra long frame to carry his art equipment. 

He is cycling around the country for the summer painting scenes as he goes. He paints the countryside and towns. He uses acryllic paint and likes bright colours. Each painting can take about five hours to do, usually longer.   This is one he did for us at Red Strand. 

We drove to the stone circle at Drombeg with him this afternoon, where he lay down to take a photograph. 

We had tea in Glandore, looked at the boats and bought some fish in the Union Hall shop. After that  we drove to Castletownsend where he took more photos of the harbour. 

He sometimes uses the photos to help remember things when he paints.   As well as painting and cycling he drinks a lot of tea.  My mum bought this large blue mug specially.

Here is a film of him leaving our house on his bicycle. 

You can see the new paintings and photos by Eolai on his tour pictures website or follow him @Eolai on twitter. You can also see his bike tour blog here.  Last week he was in Waterford and this week he will carry on through West Cork to Kerry. 

Here is our last view of him as he cycles off.